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Taking Better Care of Your Home Appliances

Taking Better Care of Your Home Appliances  

How to Avoid Calling a Refrigerator Repair Service

Sometimes, no matter how durable or high-cost your home appliances are, they will break down if you’re not doing the necessary maintenance. There will be no point in purchasing another one if you won’t be maintaining them as well?

Most of our expensive appliances are usually found in the kitchen like our refrigerator which becomes the heart of the kitchen because of all the food supplies it contains. What could we possibly do if the refrigerator shuts down after we went home from the grocery store with all the meat and fish supply for the week? Well, that would be a total waste. To avoid such situation as well as calling a refrigerator repair service, bear in mind the following maintenance tips.

Clean the condenser coils and fan

One reason to call a refrigerator repair contractor is because the appliance is no longer cooling food properly. This may be caused by dirty condenser coils which prevent the flow of air and slow the cooling process. Dusting the condenser coils and fan often will help the refrigerator to work efficiently.

Defrost as needed

You should defrost your fridge according to the appliance user manual every once in awhile. The frost could block the freezer vents which also obstruct the flow of cold air.

Wipe down the door gasket

Prevent expensive refrigerator repair service by keeping the door gasket clean. Dripping sticky stuff can dry and glue the gasket in the frame. Keep it clean to keep a tight seal and prevent a tear when opening it.

However, If your refrigerator is already experiencing serious problems, it’s time to get a reliable refrigerator repair contractor from Best Appliance Service. If you hire us, you’re guaranteed to get a quality results. Come to Mishawaka, IN to speak with us. You can also call us at (574) 323-6032.